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Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander had a dance off and we are all a winners

They’re Hall of Famers on the diamond. On the dance floor? Well, ...

I don’t have a ton to say here, please just watch this video in its entirety.

It’s Miggy’s swagger against Verlander’s overwhelming whiteness. I’ve got it at draw, with the true winner being the girl on the right who absolutely murders the “You your daddy’s son” portion.

Verlander is having a solid social media week, gracing us with this Ian Kinslerception Instagram a short time later.

@i.kinsler3 #photobomb

A photo posted by Justin Verlander (@justinverlander) on

That reminds me of my Joe Nathan work, except much less depressing.

UPDATE: It keeps getting better:

#tbt but actually not... actually currently drinking a #pbr #memories

A photo posted by Justin Verlander (@justinverlander) on