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Tigers Links is looking for the Tylenol

With the holidays over, here are some links to help ease you into 2017.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics
Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, and welcome to the bleary-eyed reality that is 2017. As you pound coffee in a desperate effort to haul yourself out of the holiday haze and back into the real world, allow me to give you something that might help you hold off whatever is in the inbox this morning for just a little bit longer.

Nothingness abounds

The free agent market in general has become somewhat stagnant with quite a few big names drifting in a sea of mild apprehension and uncertainty. What Detroit continues to do is sign players to minor league deals, either to find some diamonds in the rough, or assemble a really solid 30-and-over beer-league softball team. The latest warm body in that effort is former closer Edward Mujica. Nevertheless, the Tigers have yet to make any moves of consequence this offseason.

The Twins are tired of waiting

The brass in Minnesota must feel like they’ve spent seasons waiting on a good offer for Brian Dozier. That might explain why the organization basically told the rest of the league to put up or shut up on Friday. If the team doesn’t get an offer they like, the Twins say they’re prepared to go forward with Dozier as a part of the team. It may be last call on Dozier, and if teams don’t get their offers in soon, he’s essentially off the table — for now.

I come from a land down under

One of our writers, Jacob Markle, had a nice little write-up about a young fella the Tigers signed named Jack O’Loughlin, who is currently pitching pretty well in the Australian Baseball League. Not only is the southpaw doing fine work, he’s only 16 years old. Think about that. Sixteen and throwing 90 mph heat in a professional baseball league. When I was 16, I was jamming the buttons on a Sega Genesis controller and trying to figure out how to talk to girls. I’m not sure what you had going on at that age, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what O’Loughlin is up to.

It could be so much worse

If you’re struggling with the moves — or lack thereof — this offseason, just watch this video about the 1963 Mets and be thankful. Shout out to a wicked old manager, Casey Stengel.

This day in baseball

On this day in 1977, MLB commissioner Bowie Kuhn suspended Braves owner Ted Turner for one year due to Turner’s impermissible tampering in the signing of free agent Gary Matthews. It was the beginning of a year that would see Turner actually take over as manager in May. Say what you will about Turner, but at least he was interesting.