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Detroit Tigers Links: J.D. Martinez and Ian Kinsler are happy to be Tigers

After an offseason of rampant speculation, optimism is growing in Detroit.

Detroit Tigers v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We’re all happy to be here

Well, the Tigers did something! And it wasn’t selling! I’m not sure I would call adding Mike Mahtook “buying,” but it’s looking increasingly likely the Tigers will give it a shot with the guys they have. Additionally, those guys are happy to be in Detroit.

Moving forward, the Mahtook acquisition clears up the center field competition a bit. I wouldn’t say I’m excited about it, but the potential is there.

Go to spring training

Congrats Pudge!

To the man who took a beleaguered organization and put it on his back, we say thank you.

One last point on the Hall of Fame

The 5 percent vote drop-off threshold is stupid. Yes, most of the process is stupid and the whole thing should be revamped, but this part is especially stupid. Jorge Posada is already off the ballot? Letting sweet Lou Whitaker slip through the cracks? It’s unforgivable stuff. I co-sign the below tweet. Even if these players never make it into the Hall of Fame, they should at least be in the conversation for the full time.

Plus, that would have meant we get to post the Magglio Ordonez home run and Carlos Guillen fight videos every year for the next decade. Sure, we will probably do that anyway, but having a reason would have been helpful.

[Ed.: We’re a Tigers site, we don’t need a reason]

One conversation that I can’t even begin to have is whether Omar Vizquel (and the rest of the 2018 class) belongs in the Hall of Fame. Save this for next offseason. You know we are going to spend three weeks on it because nothing else is happening.

The most offseason tweet of all offseason tweets

Neftali Feliz, still going

Neftali Feliz, remembered by Tigers fans as being not great at throwing baseballs, is still getting paid decent money to throw those baseballs.

Feliz has lived the highs and lows in his career. He lit the world on fire in 2010, winning the AL Rookie of the Year Award, and saved 72 games over his first two seasons. Then, the injuries happened. Those lost years culminated in a Tommy John surgery that derailed his career.

After being released by the Rangers and having a tough showing with the Tigers, he signed a one-year deal with the Pirates and is all the way back to being a completely acceptable reliever in the major leagues. It will be interesting to see how his year plays out in Milwaukee, where the Brewers continue to be interesting.

As you do


@miggy24 conducting the @detroitsymphony during #DETCaravan!

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For your free time

How to convince the next Bo Jackson to play baseball. I wasn’t old enough to see Bo Jackson, and it’s one of my biggest regrets. Gary Sanchez is terrifying. More on the three Hall of Fame inductees. I really like the look on Henrik Zetterberg’s face in this picture. Boom, Red Wings links.

Baseball is awesome