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Tigers' Brad Ausmus names Justin Verlander 2017 Opening Day starter

Jordan Zimmermann and Michael Fulmer are the No. 2 options.

DETROIT — On Saturday at TigerFest, manager Brad Ausmus gave away one piece of information relevant to the start of the season. Ace Justin Verlander was named as the Tigers’ starter for Opening Day.

The announcement is more of a formality considering Verlander’s 2016, and isn’t surprising in the least. Ausmus also added that Jordan Zimmermann is a possibility to start the second game of the season, but that that’s not a guarantee.

“Verlander’s going to pitch Opening Day, I’ll give you that right now,” Ausmus said. “And if Zimm’s healthy, he’s gonna pitch probably behind him. He or Michael Fulmer, depending on how we decide to go.”

Spring training is less than a month away, but there’s still a ways yet before the season starts. So, in the meantime, enjoy this adorable pitcher-in-training from TigerFest.