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Tigers’ Justin Verlander isn't amused by 'idiotic' tweets about his offseason preparation

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If you tweet about Justin Verlander these days, it’s likely to exhibit a response from him now and then. The Tigers’ ace starter has become more vocal on social media in the last year, and he’s really taken to interacting with fans and critics alike. The latter learned that the hard way Tuesday morning.

On Monday, J.D. Martinez posted a video of himself bench pressing 120-pound weights. It’s the one and only time he’s posted anything workout-related this offseason, and few other Tigers players have shared their workout moments as of yet. They’ve been quietly getting their offseason work in, even if they don’t share it on social media.

Said fan raved about J.D.’s commitment in a tweet, while at the same time reprimanded Verlander for not showing his work.

Exactly what I want to see athletes on my fav teams posting this time of year. Don't blame @JustinVerlander for his gf but... #CmonMan

Verlander’s response was swift.

He didn’t stop there, twisting the knife on the timing of the tweet.

Word to the wise: don’t tick Verlander off. It won’t end well for you.