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Detroit Tigers Links: The Tigers are cheap, but Joe Jimenez is ready for spring training

The Tigers would do well to spend a little bit of cash on a center fielder.

Detroit Tigers Workout Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images


The pocket-pinching off season continued on Thursday with more news that the Tigers are looking for cheap alternatives to fill the hole in center field. Rob has a full breakdown of what that means, but the summary is: meh.

With very little chance the Tigers get under the luxury tax limit without trading J.D. Martinez and others, I don’t understand why the team doesn’t pony up a little extra cash for someone that would hit above the Mendoza line. The difference between a Carlos Gomez or Rajai Davis over an Austin Jackson seems worth the extra $5 million (if that).

Big Joe is ready!

Fun times in Cleveland today!

I guess people are actually going to show up to Progressive Field now? Edwin Encarnacion is banking on it.

Unfortunately, we do not fully know how this will work, but it’s probably a savvy move with the team coming off a World Series. Also, it can’t get worse. The Indians had the third-lowest attendance in baseball last season, behind even the Miami Marlins. Miami!

Uh, I did not know that’s how they made that

Mike Pelfrey’s only meaningful win of the season

A weird offseason continues to be weird

The Oakland A’s have been one of the most, if not the most active team this offseason. That’s right, the Moneyballin’, don’t-spend-on-free-agents, trade-deadline-seller Athletics have been trying to throw money every which way.

The key word is “trying.” Their only signing so far is Matt Joyce but they offered Edwin Encarnacion a contract. Now, they have even been linked to Jose Bautista and even Mark Trumbo?

My guess is they see the hesitancy for sluggers as a market inefficiency and are trying to capitalize with a team-friendly contract. Whether they are just low-balling Trumbo or are truly serious remains to be seen.

Kris Bryant has been decent

This is good Twitter

Check out this incredible work by the Reds’ and Rockies’ social media managers.

For your free time

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Baseball is awesome