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Detroit Tigers News: Tigers need a new voice at manager

I like Lloyd Mclendon as a person, but not as the team’s next manager

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only been two weeks and the Tigers are having what has to be one of the most exhaustive managerial searches in recent memory. Or at least it feels that way.

Granted I haven’t watched all coaching searches this closely, but the fact that MLive has a webpage with 20 confirmed candidates up within 10 days of a firing has to be some kind of record. They’re casting a wide net, for better or for worse. And it’s an opportunity to pick the brains of a variety of potential managers who bring experience from many different organizations.

Added to that list are Pedro Grifol from the Kansas City Royals and Mike Redmond from the Miami Marlins.

Generally most interviewees have enough experience to be acceptable choices. But the team is also interviewing a number of internal candidates when it should be looking outside the organization for a new voice. Considering this is going to be a losing endeavor, it’s tough to get too worked up. With a rebuilding team not expected to win much, you could do a lot worse than Lloyd McClendon. But a team this young and malleable would benefit greatly from a new perspective.

I honestly thought it would be worse

The final Nielsen numbers are out for audience totals, and predictably the Tigers had a monumental drop. The total came out to a 38% reduction in viewership from last year. However, considering just how horrific the season went, and the clear tanking that was September, the fact that the team was still 6th in local ratings is amazing. So kudos to you Tigers fans, for embracing the suck and still tuning in to see Alex Presley play baseball.

Alex Presley raked there for a while, huh? Weird.

Arbitrary Arbitration

The Tigers have nine arbitration eligible players for next year including a number of important pieces:

The Tigers’ projections are as follows: Castellanos, $7.6 million; Greene, $1.7 million; Hardy, $800,000; Iglesias, $5.6 million; McCann, $2.3 million; Presley, $1.1 million; Romine, $1.9 million; Rondon, $1.2 million; and Wilson, $2.1 million.

All of those salaries are pretty cost effective outside of Iglesias, and $5.6 million isn’t breaking the bank. It is also likely that the Tigers trade Ian Kinsler in the off season, keep Igelsias at short, and move Dixon Machado to second. One other observation is that Bruce Rondon is getting the most cut out of any player in the MLB. I don’t know how you super cut someone, but its happening.

This guy.

I’ve been everywhere man

Around the horn

I’ll be using my extra two million dollars to buy Anibal Sanchez’s house. You should keep rooting for the Astros, not that you need more incentive to root against the Indians or Yankees. Backyard Baseball was the best. Trevor Bauer was bad and then took out his frustration on random people on Twitter, as one does. Trevor Bauer is the worst.

Baseball is awesome

Extra Innings

Somebody reminded us of the time Nick Castellanos revealed the secret of Francisco Lindor’s thousand watt smile.