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Detroit Tigers News: Managers new and old

While the Tigers search for a new manager, Brad Ausmus interviews elsewhere

MLB: NL Wildcard-Colorado Rockies at Arizona Diamondbacks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While most fans are locked into the championship series going on in Chicago and New York, manager-less teams are in the middle of crucial interviews that will shape their franchises for years to come. The Detroit Tigers are still one of those teams.

Tuesday saw the return of Ron Gardenhire to Detroit, a place that he traveled to numerous times during his days with the Minnesota Twins. There are few moderate opinions on Gardenhire as a possible hire, which is a bit surprising considering he is a manager who has had consistent success. That being said, you can put me firmly in the opposed camp. His disdain for analytics and old school mentality isn’t my preferred hire for a young rebuilding squad.

If the Tigers do want Gardenhire, they may have some competition. Bob Nightengale reports that Gardenhire will be in Boston Wednesday for an interview with the Red Sox. The interview will be only two days after the Red Sox interviewed someone who will definitely not be on the Tigers radar, former manager Brad Ausmus.

Expect at least another week of interviews, but the final collection of manager candidates is beginning to take shape. Let’s hope for an inspiring name but brace yourself for disappointment.

Must see JV

With another ALCS start for Justin Verlander assured, and the buzz of his first start still reverberating with Tigers fans, it’s as good a time as any to take a trip down memory lane. Zane Harding at a new site called Michigan SABR walks Tigers fans through all the defining postseason moments of Justin Verlander’s storied Tigers tenure.

Congrats Al

Free Agency follies

A rebuilding team with a shrinking payroll is going to spend a limited amount in the offseason. Lynn Henning walks you through what that means for the Tigers’ starting pitching next year. Spoiler alert, it’s bad.

New dress standards have been set

Around the horn

Random source says there is a 99.9 percent chance that the Red Sox hire Alex Cora. If you are that confident, just go 100 percent, no one is going to give you credit for the 0.1 percent hedge. ... Fun reminder that you can accidentally hit home runs in Yankee Stadium. Sweet dimensions guys. ... Someone made a video of all the Texas Rangers organizational sadness if you want to feel a bit better about the Tigers. Note, it is not 13 minutes straight of Nelson Cruz misjudging a fly ball.

Baseball is awesome