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Ian Kinsler and Nick Castellanos went on a field trip to the Warstic bat factory

Jack White was also along for the tour

In spite of it being the offseason, some Tigers players can’t keep their minds off baseball.

Earlier this week Ian Kinsler and Nick Castellanos visited the Warstic bat factory, checking out the product and picking up some new duds along the way. Kinsler, who co-owns Warstic with Ben Jenkins and Detroit rock star Jack White, is no stranger to promoting the bat company, and its popularity with MLB players has skyrocketed over the last season. Josh Donaldson, George Springer, Mitch Moreland, Jacoby Ellsbury, Chris Davis, and J.J. Hardy have all been spotted using the double-striped bats.

While Nick Castellanos was inspecting the factory he made a few tweaks to his personal bat.

Warstic magic! Making some adjustments to my bat model. Great crew, better people! #pieceofthepuzzle

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When their tour was complete, Kinsler took some batting practice with none other than Warstic co-owner Jack White lobbing the balls.

Jack White serves up another hit!! #warsticfamily @warsticbaseball

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Kinsler also paid a visit to White’s house, and it’s safe to say the musician has some pretty cool digs. (And that Kinsler is A+ at puns)

Reading between the lions . #jackwhitespad #electricjungle

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Hopefully the new bats can help bring some power to the plate in 2018.