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Tigers' Ian Kinsler nominated for AL Gold Glove ... yay

Justin Upton also netted a nomination.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Detroit Tigers Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

As the baseball season draws to a close — we’re hoping for a seven-game World Series just to draw it out a bit longer — the time has come for award nominations to come out. The offseason can be long and tiring, but it’s always delightful to look back at the year that was and remember the high points. Last year, Tigers fans were able to celebrate the tremendous work of Michael Fulmer as American League Rookie of the Year, and Ian Kinsler nabbed a much-deserved Gold Glove.

Speaking of, the Rawlings Gold Glove Award nominations came out today, celebrating the best individual fielding performances of the season in every position. The Gold Glove is meant to reward “overall fielding excellence, and it is not an award based solely on fielding metrics and statistics, nor does it factor offensive production,” according to the Rawlings website. This is the 60th anniversary of the award.

In spite of a lackluster season, two Tigers players did manage to get nominated.

Ian Kinsler, who won in 2016, is a repeat finalist for his incredible defensive work on the field. Even when Kinsler’s bat failed to heat up, he still had a remarkable year on the field. He still managed a 6 DRS and a UZR of 6.1. While those numbers are in decline from his winning season last year, they are still solid, and are the highest of any AL second baseman in either category.

He’s up against some pretty solid second-base company.

Brian Dozier has yet to win a Gold Glove, while Dustin Pedroia has won four times, in 2008, 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Justin Upton received a nomination for his work in left field, but Rawlings inexplicably credited the nomination to the Angels, in spite of Upton making the nomination requirements during his time with the Tigers. I guess it’s only fair, since Yoenis Cespedes won a Gold Glove during his time with the Tigers in spite of not playing the whole season with the team.

All Gold Glove winners will be announced on Nov. 7.