The other half of rebuilding

Now that the Tigers finally have committed wholeheartedly to the rebuilding process, we're all focused, and rightly so, on prospect collection and prospect watching. They will be the cornerstone of any chance we have at the postseason in the 2020's. It looks like we've got a strong wave of starting pitching and a few decent position prospects, too.

However, the other half of rebuilding is SMART free agent signings. Any ideas on top FA's around 2020? Remember how Pudge's signing started the 2006-2016 run? Who could that be for the 2020-2030 run? I know its a few years off, but FA signings/ trades will be just as crucial as developing prospects if we want to really contend. Even the Dodgers went out and got Darvish, and where would the Astros be w/o JV? Any ideas of up and coming talent or still-solid vets that could make a splash in 2019 or 2020 and launch the next period for contention in the D?

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