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Here are some last minute Tigers-themed Halloween ideas from Bless You Boys

Sure, it’s down to the wire, but we’ve got you covered.

Picking a Halloween costume is hard. There are dozens of options, varying from the cool to the stupid, and if you happen to be a woman those options are much flimsier and “sexier” versions of the male ones. It’s stressful! So we decided to ask Twitter what they would do as a spooky Detroit Tigers costume this year, and the results were so much better than we could have anticipated.

And no, sexy Jose Valverde was not mentioned.

This one is timely, and definitely scary.

This one might take some fire-proofing.

Star Wars crossover!


If you pause it just right, you can see the exact moment his heart breaks.

Your arms might get tired if you did this one all night:

There were some themes we noticed:

And maybe two minds thinking a little TOO alike:

Seriously, Eric, stop stealing my great ideas. Geez.

Some people told us about costumes of years past.

And my personal favorite: