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Detroit Tigers News: Tigers considering Mike Redmond for manager

Redmond is the latest name on the list of potential candidates

Cincinnati Reds v Miami Marlins
This seems about right
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As the search for a manager continues in the Motor City, the idea of hiring former Miami Marlins manager and current member of the Colorado Rockies coaching staff, Mike Redmond, is being bandied about. The talk currently has the Tigers and the Philadelphia Phillies as the two teams looking into Redmond. I bet he’s super pumped. In just over two seasons with the Marlins Redmond put up a 155-207 record, but I don’t know how indicative that is of his abilities seeing as he was managing the Marlins.

If you’re wondering what former manager Jim Leyland is up to, I can tell you it’s not going to be managing a professional baseball team. Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports checked in with Leyland to see if he would be interested in managing again, and Jim made it pretty clear that he wouldn’t.

Nick on the move?

Kyle Downing of MLB Trade Rumors has a question for you. Does Nick Castellanos get moved in the off season? Downing is gracious enough to give all the pros and cons involved in the process of trying to trade a guy like Nick, should the Tigers choose to do so. Even though he only made 3 million dollars last year and is under team control for two more years, Downing notes that teams don’t tend to get much for guys in Nick’s position. In his opinion, it boils down to this:

So it seems that the biggest roadblock in trying to move Castellanos is that players like him aren’t in short supply. If the free agent dominoes fall too quickly, the Tigers might find themselves unable to get even a modest prospect return

The voting is pretty evenly split at this stage of the game, and I am one to say that I really don’t see him going anywhere, but if you want to check on who might be interested, Kyle gives some possible landing spots in the article.

On leadership

Catcher James McCann didn’t have the best first half. His getting off to a slow start wasn’t helped by the fact that the great bearded one, Alex Avila, was playing baseball like a man on fire. The second half was a different story. McCann’s bat came around a bit, and Avila went somewhere to play playoff baseball. So here we are once again looking at McCann as the best option for the starting catcher position. James wants to do more than just catch. With three seasons under his belt, McCann says he’s ready to take a leadership role for the team. James may not be the leader this team deserves. I’m not even sure he’s the one it needs right now, but next year figures to be kind of a wash anyway, so, sure, why not.

Around the horn

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