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The Tigers’ spring training caps are awful again

At least they look less like gas station knock-offs

The Detroit Tigers’ spring training caps were horrible last year. Here’s a reminder, if you don’t remember. In that post, Rob said “We here at Bless You Boys vow to make fun of these hats so mercilessly that they cannot possibly make an appearance in spring training 2018.” And guess what — it worked!

Thankfully, the caps are different this year. Unfortunately, this year’s hats are bad, too. Just slightly less so.

The first alternate is the best of the bunch, while the second alternate looks like a slightly understated version of the 2017 Players’ Weekend caps.

Here’s what the rest of MLB will be donning come February:

The Baltimore Orioles have the best one [Ed.: Debatable.], closely followed by the Colorado Rockies. I like the Astros’ cap too, which incorporates either yellow or gold — perhaps a nod to the 2017 World Champions. The Reds will be wearing...

**squints** Old English C? Meanwhile, the Nationals and Athletics have some of the most unoriginal hats of the bunch.

It could be worse.