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Lions QB Matt Stafford uses ‘Verlander’ for audible

Stafford called a play named after the former Tiger

New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

What were you doing on Thursday? If your family is like most, you were watching the Lions lose to the Vikings 30-23 while you overstuffed yourself. If you payed close attention in the third quarter, you may have heard a familiar name — that of former Tigers star Justin Verlander.

Matthew Stafford called out a play around the 11:30 mark called “Verlander,” and the World Series Champion posted about it on Twitter.

Of course, in a jam-packed stadium you can’t always hear the quarterback well, and JV joked that perhaps his name wasn’t what Stafford said.

He even crowdsourced for an answer.

We’re pretty sure he said “Verlander,” based on Stafford’s history. Back in September he called out a play named for his high school baseball teammate Clayton Kershaw.