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Jack Morris delivered pizza via helicopter after the Tigers won the 1984 World Series

Stop us if you’ve heard this doozy before.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Just two hours earlier, Detroit Tigers’ left fielder, Larry Herndon, had squeezed the final out of the 1984 World Series. The team, the city of Detroit and the whole diaspora of the Tigers fanbase, were jubilant. The players headed to the clubhouse to get crazy. Fans swarmed the field, running the bases, running from security and generally attempting to take anything not nailed down, including the field turf, home with them.

The stadium was eventually cleared, but outside, huge crowds surrounded several cars burning in the streets around Tigers Stadium as the party raged out of control. And then, a potentially party crushing disaster struck amidst the champagne and beer soaked clubhouse celebration. The Tigers ran out of food.

Enter owner Tom Monaghan and a certain Tigers’ ace who joined the team owner and Domino’s Pizza mogul on a mission to save the day. With the stadium besieged on all sides by throngs of merrymakers, there was only one path to pizza; Monaghan’s helicopter.

While this story has been retold a few times, it’s great to hear it from Morris’ perspective. I don’t know how Tigers’ Stadium ran out of food, and it’s hard to imagine a disastrous shortage of Little Caesar’s pizzas befalling Comerica Park should such a joyous occasion once again present itself, but the realization that Monaghan and Morris choppered to Ypsilanti on a pizza run in the hours after their World Series’ victory is pretty hilarious.