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Bless You Boys Podcast : Episode #1

So it begins...again.

The Bless You Boys podcast returns in triumphant and shambolic fashion. Staff writers and editors Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan discuss Tigers’ baseball—when something happens—and look around the league while chasing tangents and digressions into the sunset.

Topics include acclimating to an offseason unlike any we’ve known in a decade. We speculate over Ian Kinsler’s mindset and fate. The possibility of using Alex Avila as a sort of annual prospect lure is proposed. And we discuss the free agent market, Shohei Otani and Giancarlo Stanton, their possible landing spots and the effect having them both in play is having on quieting the market so far this offseason.

We’ll be ramping up the podcast reboot over the coming weeks and months. There are plans for special guests, and probably—should we be properly bribed—appearances from other Bless You Boys staff as well. At this point, we just wanted to get episode one under our belt, and we’ll see where it takes us.

Feedback and suggestions for where we should aim this thing, topics you’d like discussed, are all welcome in the comments. Take one, enjoy.