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Detroit Tigers Links: Alan Trammell and Jack Morris are Hall of Famers

A pair of former Tigers are headed to Cooperstown.

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The MLB Winter Meetings are upon us, which should mean the further warming of a Hot Stove that has gathered some heat in the last week. While you await the news of which team the Detroit Tigers unload Ian Kinsler to, here are some things to keep you occupied.

Trammell and Morris are going to Cooperstown

On Sunday, the Modern Era Committee of the Baseball Hall of Fame convened to make their decisions on a list of potential players to be inducted into Cooperstown. It turned out to be a pretty good night for the Tigers as both Alan Trammell and Jack Morris were selected for induction by the committee.

Most folks seemed confident that Trammell was going to get in. There was some doubt surrounding Jack Morris, though, as many saw him as a “Hall of Really Good” player instead of a Hall of Famer. Both players made it in just a few votes above the required threshold. And, as it turned out, Morris wasn’t the guy people should have been worried about.

I’m generally ambivalent about the whole Hall of Fame process, but I find it very surprising that Morris managed to snag more votes than Trammell.

Then there’s the case of Lou Whitaker. I’ll let former closer Mike Henneman sum up my feelings.

The 2017 MLB Winter Meetings begin on Monday morning

If you’re looking for a good resource to keep you up to date, your best case is to follow all the well-known national names on Twitter. If you are averse to one of the most popular social media outlets on the internet, you can get your updates at several locations. MLB Trade Rumors is always a great resource for up-to-date info. Forbes is also running a winter meetings tracker if you want to feel a little more sophisticated when you find out what no-name jackwagon the Minnesota Twins sign on Tuesday afternoon. has a pretty solid rundown of what to look for at this year’s meetings. The big thing for Tigers fans to watch here is what happens with second baseman Ian Kinsler. Word around the campfire has him as a potential target for the New York Mets. Other folks think the Los Angeles Angels could scoop him up. He could also go nowhere at all. The next several days cold result in any of those possibilities.

Meet the newest Tigers

There are two new additions to the major league roster in center fielder Leonys Martin and starting pitcher Mike Fiers. We took the opportunity to give you a little information on each player and what their signings might mean to the Tigers organization.

Our front office is in the back of the line

The fine folks over at FanGraphs took a poll on front offices. It is probably not going to come as any surprise to you that the Tigers did not fair all that well. Trust of this front office seems to be at a low we haven’t seen in some time. That’s kind of shaky when you consider we’re entrusting these folks to guide the team through a rebuild that should shape the future for the next several years. Here’s hoping Al Avila and friends do some things to make those numbers improve.

If you’re looking for something to get me for Christmas...

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Baseball is awesome

When you combine one of my favorite new players with one of my favorite comedies of the last decade, it’s hard to go wrong.

Around the horn

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