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Tigers ‘exchanging names’ in potential Ian Kinsler trade

Kinsler appears all but headed out the door at this week’s Winter Meetings.

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Update: Trade talks have progressed between the Detroit Tigers and an unknown team during this week’s Winter Meetings.’s Jason Beck reported on Tuesday that the Tigers have exchanged names with an unknown team in a hypothetical trade for second baseman Ian Kinsler. “We just can’t agree,” said general manager Al Avila.

Dec. 11: General manager Al Avila is keeping things interesting at the annual winter meetings this week, by saying a lot without saying much of anything. He’s been cagey about trade rumors, but the one thing he has been pretty forthcoming about: Ian Kinsler is getting traded.

For those hoping to keep Kinsler around another season, the news isn’t promising. According to reporters, the Tigers have been in talks with several teams, both ahead of the winter meetings and also now that they’ve begun. While there’s not a done deal yet, Avila has heavily implied it’s going to happen. And soon.

This should come as no surprise to those who have been watching the Tigers work on their rebuild initiatives. Kinsler, 35, was a Gold Glove finalist this past year, and is clearly still a defensive powerhouse in spite of his lackluster batting average in 2017. If the Tigers can find a team in need of a second baseman — the Los Angeles Angels for example — they would be foolish not to move him for a prospect.

The Kinsler trade will absolutely be one of the bigger moves the Tigers expect to make during the winter meetings, should a compelling offer be made.