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Bless You Boys Podcast Episode Three: You can’t afford Michael Fulmer

The Winter Meetings are a rumor mill powered by khaki and cocktails.

The Winter Meetings are finally here, and we’re gathered around the meager heat of the Tigers’ hot stove. Brandon and Ashley separate smoke from fire concerning the interest in Michael Fulmer from numerous teams. Ian Kinsler isn’t going to draw a blue chip prospect so everybody chill. Mike Fiers is fine. Everything is fine.

Mainly because Alan Trammell is finally, rightfully, a Hall of Famer. Jack Morris was selected as well, and we’re happy for him. None of these things matter because Giancarlo Stanton is now a Yankee and the John Williams Imperial March is pounding in the ears of baseball fans everywhere. The Yankees are coming for everyone. But do they have enough pitching? See item number one on this itinerary.