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Our top 5 favorite Ian Kinsler moments

We’ll miss you, Ian.

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

By now you’ve all heard that Ian Kinsler was traded to the Angels for right-handed pitcher Wilkil Hernandez and center fielder Troy Montgomery on Wednesday night. As we say goodbye to the Gold Glove second baseman, we’ve put together some of our favorite memories from Kinsler’s Detroit Tigers career.

5. The ball drop

Who could forget the time when Kinsler cleverly let the ball drop so he could get the runner on second base out instead of the runner on first?

4. Waving at old friends

It was the former Ranger’s return to his old home park, and he hit a home run in his first at-bat back in Texas. Kinsler waved in the direction of the Texas Rangers dugout as a greeting (of sorts) to his former teammates.

3. Helpful advice for colleagues

After home plate umpire Doug Eddings called Jose Iglesias out on a low strike three, Kinsler had a helpful reminder for Eddings, ensuing in Kinsler’s ejection.

2. “Rub some dirt on it”

This was one of the most memorable Kinsler moments. Rather than go to the dugout for a bandage for his thumb — which was dripping blood — Kinsler decided to heed the old adage “rub some dirt on it.”

1. Binoculargate

Last, but certainly not least, the Chris Sale incident. Sale hit Victor Martinez with a pitch, which he appeared to justify by suggesting Martinez had someone in the outfield stealing signs with binoculars. Kinsler mocked Sale when he got on base later in the game, miming binoculars in the direction of the visiting dugout.