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Bless You Boys Podcast: Episode Four with FanGraphs’ David Laurila

A Winter Meetings rundown and a state of the Tigers conversation.

The podcast welcomes in David Laurila of FanGraphs for a wide ranging conversation. Laurila writes for FanGraphs, specializing in interviews of players, coaches and front office personnel.

  • David gives us the quick rundown on this year’s Winter Meetings experience.
  • The Tigers front office and their traditional, conservative approach is considered.
  • We look at the Ian Kinsler trade, the Rule 5 draft pick, and take stock of the Tigers’ assets.
  • We talk the new Tigers coaching staff and the old.
  • Alan Trammell is headed to the Hall of Fame and the Tigers should get it together and push Lou Whitaker to the forefront of 2019 consideration.
  • Finally we dug into David’s recent piece interviewing managers as to whether the modern player is smarter and/or more knowledgeable than players of old.