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Detroit Tigers Links: ESPN says Detroit doesn’t make the grade

And Tigers Links doesn’t care.

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Yeah, well we don’t give an F

With the pitchers and catchers reporting soon, Jim Bowden graced us all with his off season grades. They are all over the place as a whole, but let’s focus on the Tigers grade. And that was a big, fat, F.

None of those acquisitions are difference-makers, and the bottom line is Detroit didn't get better this offseason -- not for the present or the future.

Look, I’m on record as saying this offseason has been bad. The Cameron Maybin trade was questionable, the team did not get younger and did not add any meaningful pieces. But with the rest of the division outside of the Indians imploding, and no good deals to be had, I ultimately think that giving the vets one more shot is the right call. And ranking the Tigers last? You know the Padres still exist right? Just throwing out an uneducated F without touching on the trade market and division climate is simply lazy.

My favorite news of the off season

Brian Wilson is back! He’s back baby!

Two Tommy John surgeries and 11 years after his debut, Wilson is trying to make a comeback as a knuckleballer. Which, honestly, is the only way this should happen. My only concern is that the beard, that which he derived most of his power from, is no longer with us. Hopefully the lack of beard and the lack of spin equates to a raging comeback.

Important Verlander - Upton wedding information

This is @justinverlander and me planning our #wedding #fun

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The curious case of Chris Carter

Chris Carter signed a meager one-year, 3.5 million contract this off season. Much has been made of the league’s pivot away from power hitters, but that is a cheap contract for someone that hit 41 home runs last year. So did the Yankees get a steal?

The reviews of the signing have been universally good. And in a perfect world, Greg Bird wins the starting first base job, Carter provides pop off the bench, and the Yankees live happily ever after. But are we so sure about Greg Bird? And if not, do you want someone with a career WAR of 3.1 being your every day first baseman? 3.5 million is chump change, but Chris Carter just isn’t that good at baseball.

Asdrubal Cabrera is slightly upset

Asdrubal Cabrera has some very rational comments for you after being left off the Venezuelan team in the World Baseball Classic. The story goes that Omar Vizquel, manager of the team, promised Cabrera that he would be a part of the roster. Carlos Guillen, the team’s GM, decided against that decision. Asdrubal, your thoughts?

Now, that is a rough translation, but I think he overstated it juuuuust a bit. The good news for him is, I’m going to help him out. I’m totally on board with bringing scoundrel back.

For your free time

Indians are interested in Chase Utley. They are over the quota of useful players, sorry guys. Even without elite starting pitching, Team USA can still win the baseball classic. I sure could use some sports related patriotism right now, not sure about you. Throw backs that should be brought back in 2017. Nationals and Red Sox will play an exhibition game at the Naval Academy, which is an excellent idea. CJ Wilson is now a cars salesmen because of course he is.

Baseball is awesome