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Detroit Tigers Links is spreading spring training optimism

The 2017 season is going to be grand.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

More Spring Training warm and fuzzies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when the only articles published are positive ones. Remember, everyone is currently undefeated and tied for the division lead.

The Joe Jimenez hype train is already at full speed, and shows no signs of slowing down. Just remember that there is a good chance he doesn’t make the Opening Day roster, the team has sworn to take it slow.

Shane Greene comes into spring training as a reliever for the first time, and that has to help, right?

“I don’t know if coming to camp as a reliever is going to help, but having last year under my belt is definitely going to help,” he said. “I know what to expect as opposed to going out there and trial and error every day until I figured out what was going on.”

I’ll take that as a hard maybe.

Michael Fulmer comes into the season in a new position as well, a bonafide star. The team will take it easy with him also, but still encouraged him to pitch in the World Baseball Classic, which I appreciate.

Questions obviously remain, but now is not the time to be concerned. Hope springs eternal.

AL Central: Easiest lock of 2017?

So says Will Leitch, who actually picks the Tigers to finish below .500 and third in the division. I agree that the Cleveland Indians will likely run away with this one, but the rest of the article is pretty harsh.

Detroit has always been willing, out of desire to get Illitch that championship he so clearly lusted after, to spend whatever it took, to treat every year like the last year of history. With him gone, it might be time to face reality: The Tigers' apocalypse might be upon us.

What exactly would a Tiger apocalypse look like? Kind of like a Sharknado but with tigers? I obviously Googled this and stumbled upon this bad-ass bit of machinery, so the poor forecast ended up as a win. Anyway, let’s just say that I strongly disagree with Leitch’s prediction, but do strongly agree with his presumption that Miguel Cabrera’s skills are eternal.

Obvious ideas can still be good ideas

It seemed obvious, but was good to hear that the Tigers will be adding a Mike Ilitch patch to their uniform this year. There is no word yet on the design, but here is the Red Wings’ patch for reference.

It’s officially Spring Training

Ah, yeah, totally different

Remember Carter Capps? There was a lot of consternation back in 2015 about his delivery and whether it was legal, but he was injured in 2016 and the conversation died. Well, he’s back, and his pitching motion is still ridiculous.

There is a subtle change in there. He has two smaller hops instead of one big one, but that still seems illegal, right?

What it comes down to is whether his back foot comes too far off the ground. It certainly appears that it does, but if the league deems that his repeatable motion is along the ground, he is legal. That said, it seems like a pretty big advantage to pitch from two feet closer than any other pitcher. If I were a hitter, I would be hopping mad.

Another important offseason article

Here is an entire blog deciding whether Adam Lind farted in this video.

I, for one, am glad that someone got to the bottom of this.

For your free time.

Hernan Perez’s son has a world-class bat flip. The Blue Jays signed both Cat Latos and Mat Latos to a minor league contract. The Ringer answered 14 spring training questions. “Why didn’t the Tigers sign Don Kelly?” is not one of them, for some reason. Mike Napoli really wanted to play for the Rangers.

Baseball is awesome.