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FanPost Friday results: Here is the most popular Tigers dream team!

Legends like Alan Trammell showed up in nearly every FanPost.

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last week, we gave you this FanPost prompt: create a dream team of Detroit Tigers using players from 1967 to 2016. You had to form a cohesive roster, you couldn’t repeat players or seasons — that is, only one player per year — and no cheating on positions. We got nine responses! Here are the most popular players you chose at each position.

Starting pitchers: Denny McClain, 1968; Mickey Lolich, 1971; Mark Fidrych, 1976; Justin Thompson, 1997; Justin Verlander, 2011

This seemed to be the easiest choice of all for you. Nearly every post had these five in the rotation, or some vague variation thereof.

Hereford Ump said this: “Within the context of the times, I would contend that Verlander’s 2011 was better than McLain’s 1968. Mickey Lolich’s workload of 1971 seems a freak of nature today, but those guys threw forever.“

Relief pitchers: John Hiller, 1973; Willie Hernandez, 1984

These two were the most common. Other popular selections were Mike Henneman in 1988 and Joel Zumaya in 2006.

Catcher: Bill Freehan, 1967, 1968

It was close between Freehan and Ivan Rodriguez’s 2004 season, but Freehan was slightly more popular. Lance Parrish was also mentioned a few times.

First baseman: Cecil Fielder, 1990

Cecil Fielder was one of the most well-known 1990s Tigers, and it’s fitting that most of you included him at first base. Miguel Cabrera was another common response for his 2012 and 2013 seasons.

This is Tiger Town, who picked Miggy’s 2013 season for first base, said, “In my opinion Miggy's 2013 season was better than 2012, although both were other-worldly.”

Second baseman: Lou Whitaker, 1983

While you didn’t all agree on the season, nearly all of you agreed that Sweet Lou belongs at second on any dream team. Ian Kinsler was the runner-up.

Third baseman: Travis Fryman, 1993

Travis was another popular ‘90s Tiger. Some of you put Cabrera at the hot corner in your rosters instead of Travis.

Shortstop: Alan Trammell, 1987

Every single response had Tram at shortstop — it was amazing to see all of you agree on something!

[Ed.: We can also agree he should have won the MVP that year...]

Left fielder: Tony Phillips, 1993

The Detroit Tigers of the 1990s had more talent than most folks give them credit for. Phillips is another example of this. Bobby Higginson’s 2000 season was also a popular answer for left field.

Center fielder: Curtis Granderson 2007

Granderson was by far the most common response in center. Chet Lemon was up there too.

Right fielder: Magglio Ordonez, 2007

A lot of you chose Magglio in right field for his amazing 2007 season. The next choice was Al Kaline in 1967, then Kirk Gibson in 1985.

Charley Pickering, who picked Kaline in right, noted, “Leaving off Magglio Ordonez's superb 2007 was tough, however I felt leaving off Al Kaline would have been equivocally unfair, and Kaline gets franchise legacy bonus points.”

Designated hitter: Victor Martinez, 2014

Victor was a nearly unanimous selection as DH. Other responses included Cecil Fielder at DH instead of first base.

We loved reading all of your responses! Thanks for sharing your rosters.