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J.D. Martinez really likes ‘The Walking Dead’

Like he needs another reason to practice his swing.

J.D. Martinez on Twitter

Once, baseball bats were only symbolic of, well, baseball. But these days, thanks to AMC’s The Walking Dead baseball bats have taken on a whole new context. Love-to-hate bad guy Negan favors a bat wrapped in barbed wire, a weapon he lovingly calls “Lucille.”

Looks like J.D. Martinez is a big fan of The Walking Dead because he just posted a video of himself unwrapping a replica version of the bat, courtesy of AMC network and the popular zombie series.

Perhaps J.D. is a bit jealous of all the special-ops training Ian Kinsler and Daniel Norris did during the offseason, and wanted to prove that he too would be an asset in the zombie apocalypse.

He might need to work on his stoic expression a bit if he’s going to really embody Negan, but we can all agree he definitely has the power swing to take off some zombie heads.