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Tigers spring training 2017: Miguel Cabrera takes on Justin Verlander in live batting practice

The classic matchup fans have debated for years finally went down in Lakeland.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For nearly 10 years, fans of the Detroit Tigers have had the privilege of watching Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander both playing for their home team. However, an unspoken question has gone unanswered. Who would have the upper hand if they ever faced each other? Verlander never pitched to Cabrera when he was a Marlin, and so the question has been open to speculation, until now.

Verlander has battled both Victor Martinez and Alex Avila in game action, and it hasn’t gone well for him against those two. Jose Iglesias and Justin Upton, however, had no luck at all. Of course, we’re only a week into spring training. Pitchers are generally ahead here, as the hitters have only just started facing live pitching. So how would the Tigers’ ace fare against the greatest right-handed hitter—Pujols excluded—of his era?

The first thing you may notice, is that Cabrera is enjoying this. Verlander is presumably enjoying it even more, but as always on the mound, the Tigers’ ace is too focused for any tomfoolery. Suffice it to say, Cabrera still has some catching up to do. Verlander is enough of a challenge for any hitter. Only a few days into camp? Yeah it’s too much for Cabrera to handle just yet.

Verlander’s team famously defeated Cabrera’s in the dance-off competition at the Tigers’ Winter Caravan. As a result, he’s now 2-0 on the season against his partner in Tigers’ excellence. That can’t sit well with the big fella.

Of course, the point of this has more to do with getting feedback from one of the greatest hitters of all-time. From his vantage point in the batter’s box, Cabrera sees you like no one else in the game. Who better to tell you if your stuff looks good? Sounds like Verlander is looking pretty darn good already.

Here they are talking it over afterward.

Verlander gets feedback on his pitches from Cabrera after they faced each other in live BP.

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