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Spring training 2017: Tigers Photo Day gets real sensual

Look deep into the camera.

Detroit Tigers Photo Day Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Monday was the last of four Detroit Tigers photo days. That means extreme close ups, awkward poses, makeup, and a whole lot of sensual eye contact. MLive supplied their top 20 pics, but we are privy to the whole reel, and things got pretty weird.

Francisco Rodriguez knows your favorite song. He also knows your social security number, home address, and where your spare key is hidden.

Hey girl, this ball is actually levitating, just like my heart when I’m with you.

#gotigers #baseballisback

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I brought 11 gloves to camp because you are that much of a catch.

Hi, I’m date, wanna awkward?


I don’t have a joke here, J.D. Martinez is very good looking.

Lloyd McClendon is looking through your soul. He doesn’t like what he sees.

I read the internet, and the beard is back just for you, baby.

Even some of the front office had their photos done.

Jokes aside, Mike Mulholland is an absurdly talented photographer and he is a must follow for Detroit fans. Shout out to Mike on both his MPPA Sports Photographer of the Year award and for supplying us with the most sensual photo day ever.