Tiger fan for life. Thank you Lou Whitaker

I spent most my childhood growing up outside NYC, my mom was from Toledo. Nearly all my friends were Yankee fans, but just wasn't in my blood. In summer 1978 on a trip to Toledo, my grandfather a life long Tigers fan took me to my first game. Bottom of ninth, two outs, down a run, Ron Leflore gets on first. We are all chanting, "Go Ron Go."

Hoping he steals, then the light hitting Lou Whitaker can get him home with a single. To everyone's surprise...BOOM. Lou hits his first career HR. Place went crazy and the energy was off the charts. After the game, my grandfather doesn't ask me, but tells me I'm a Tiger's fan.

Throw in I was also born in 1968, in St. Louis. Guess was meant to be.

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