How I became a Detroit Tigers fan

I guess being born a male in the suburbs of Detroit is the biggest reason, (although that did not sway me from divorcing those loser Lions in '07) but i have always been proud to sport the Olde English D, no matter how many games they lose. It was the summer of '79, against the Twins, who were even worse than the Tigers back then. My Father took me and honestly, I will never forget the green grass when coming through the concourse, I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life, (sorry ladies), it just grabbed my attention and has had a hold of my soul ever since. I remember two Twins outfielders running into each other resulting in an Aurelio Rodriguez "hit" and Lou Whitaker coming to bat and me "booiing" instead of "Loooooouuuuing." (How the hell was i supposed to know?) My Dad was not much of a laughing man but that's the hardest i ever heard him laugh was when i booed Lou Whitaker. Great idea for a post, i haven't thought about that for a while.

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