Converted Indians Fan or, "I Saw the Light"

I was born and lived in NE Ohio until 2003 and was a devout Tribe fan for all of that time. I love the game and spent many great days and nights in Cleveland Stadium and then Jacobs Field. Ah the highs! Seeing 78,000 fans scream hate at the Yankees! Watching Albert Belle hit a walk off homer in the bottom of the ninth to a full house that was absolutely crazy from the time he got into the box and went totally bonkers when he hit it out. The magic 95 season, the disappointment of how the 97 series ended. The Jacobs Field sellout streak when I would count the days before tickets went on sale and buy as many as I could afford before they sold out. Ticketmaster's line was always busy, but I found out if I called their Detroit number, I'd get right through (until they caught on and blocked it).

Anyway, a promotion and transfer resulted in a move to SE Michigan and the Metro Detroit area. No more local Indians TV games. Bummer, but I love baseball so I watched the Tigers play. It was weird, the team kinda sucked but the fans, oh the fans didn't seem to care about that so much. Rather than playing to an empty ballpark like the Indians in their off years, the Tigers enjoyed decent crowds and great fan support. The first year or so when the Tribe played the Tigers, I was rooting them on; however as time went on I became aware of the weakening of my allegiance to the team from Cleveland. I can't really explain it, but I began to appreciate the Tigers and their great history more and more, to the point where I suddenly realized I had unconsciously switched to supporting the Tigers wholeheartedly and wanted them to whip that team from Ohio.

I retired in 2013 and my wife and I moved back to Ohio and now live in Cleveland. Despite the change in geography, we both remain rabid Tiger fans and, thanks to MLBTV, manage to catch almost every game they play. We're hoping that this year's team can win it all in memory of their great owner, Mr. I. Oh, and I still hate the Yankees the most.

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