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2017 BYB Tigers community prospect polling

Come voice your opinion on the Tigers’ farm system!

Detroit Tigers v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Now that February is here and prospect season is in full swing, we at Bless You Boys have been producing our annual prospect profiles. Voting on prospects is a lot of fun, though, and that is exactly why we came up with an idea to get you, the reader, involved.

Our friends at Gaslamp Ball, SB Nation’s San Diego Padres community, found a unique way to poll their readers, and we would like to give it a shot. The poll allows you to continually choose between two random prospects. It then ranks them according to the combined opinion of everyone participating. The poll is unending, so you can participate as long as you want. The pool of names that the computer picks from is based on the list that Minor League Ball’s John Sickels put together for consideration for his Detroit Tigers Top 20 Prospect List.

This poll will be available for a week, at which point we’ll publish the results and compare them to Sickels’ list. Until then, enjoy!