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Detroit Tigers Links is ignoring Daniel Norris’ bad spring training start

Moving on...

MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports


Daniel Norris had a subpar outing so spring training is already a failure. In all seriousness, less than two innings on 40 pitches isn’t great, but Norris is always his own biggest critic:

"It was about as bad as a first outing could go as far as delivery and comfort on the mound," he said. "Even in my warm-up pitches, I couldn't throw strikes. Something was going on. Chalk it up to the first game."

First start in spring training, ignore and move on.

Steven Moya in jeopardy

You can put a positive spin on the two missed balls by Steven Moya in right field, and believe me, Ausmus tried, but it can’t hide the fact that he simply isn’t good at defense. This wouldn’t be an issue if he could go back to Toledo, but he can’t. You very well may be seeing the last of Moya in a Detroit Tigers jersey.

Other roster news

Joe Jimenez had an up and down start to the season, but the end, three straight strikeouts, more than made up for the beginning. The inconsistency he showed is the reason that Ausmus called Jimenez a long shot to make to make the Opening Day roster. But with the Tigers going for broke, any instability in the bullpen could warrant a call.

This would also be my reaction

I don’t know what to make of Gary Sanchez

No way he repeats that. Right?

For your free time

We don’t need to “Make Baseball Great Again,” it already is great. Why isn’t Mike Trout more popular? Imagine how insufferable the hype would be if he was on the Yankees. Sigh, David Wright is injured again. An article you will not find the Tigers in: the 10 best off season bargins.

Baseball is sometimes extremely painful