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Detroit Tigers Links: Anibal Sanchez keeps giving up home runs

It was a good run everyone

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MLB: Spring Training-Detroit Tigers at New York Mets Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

In this case, that would be Anibal Sanchez getting shelled and giving up bombs. Old friend alert!

At this point, Matt Boyd has distanced himself in the race for fifth starter. As for Sanchez, well, what would you say you do here?

I would gladly play for Gerald Laird

Laird’s time with the Tigers was relatively short, but I was always a huge fan of his demeanor and command of the pitching staff. And he seemed like he’d be a good guy to get a beer with. I’d imagine these things translate well to being a manager. That and he had some pretty good mentors:

I’ll probably be paying a lot more attention to the Connecticut Tigers than I usually do.

Proper run down etiquette for slow people

Omar Update

Omar Infante will likely play Major League Baseball in 2017 with his impressive spring training display. However, it won’t be with the Tigers

Combine that with Dixon Machado’s positive play, and Infante is a near lock to not make the Tigers. But there is plenty of space around the league for a utility player like Infante. So at least we probably got him paid! Good Karma all around.

You don’t say

Raise your hands if you are surprised that the Tigers’ center fielder situation remains unsettled. So only Al Avila? Got it.

Shocking that the combination of Tyler Collins, JaCoby Jones, Mike Mahtook, and Anthony Gose’s attitude isn’t panning out. JaCoby Jones seems the most promising, but would be much better suited to a depth role. The Cameron Maybin trade continues to mystify.

For your free time

Nolan Arenado tells you why the World Baseball Classic is awesome. Sonny Gray has been shut down for three weeks with a lat strain. Jose Bautista is kind of old, but not that old. The King of Jewish baseball.