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Detroit Tigers Links: Is the 5th starter spot still up for grabs?

A good week from Anibal Sanchez has created an actual roster battle in Lakeland.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Not as easy as it seems

Just over a week ago, it looked like Matt Boyd had all but locked up the 5th starter spot. This was fine and good given how Anibal Sanchez and Mike Pelfrey had performed last year. But here comes Sanchez with eight scoreless innings and Pelfrey with a slightly better breaking ball (I guess.)

The Pelfrey inclusion was a joke, but if Sanchez looks good in his last two starts the Tigers will have a legitimately difficult choice on who to select. Boyd does have an option left so he could start the season in Toledo and save the day if need be. But this decision may not be as easy as many have been making it out to be.

Sigh of relief

An update on someone who will definitely be in the starting five. Jordan Zimmermann had a much needed four inning scoreless start against a minor league squad and has stated he feels healthy and ready to compete. This should calm fears that he may not be ready for opening day.


On that Tim Anderson contract

The White Sox signed Tim Anderson to a six year, $25 million contract after less than a year of Major League service. Despite this thinly veiled negative portrayal by Deadspin, I really liked what I saw of Anderson last year. I think this deal will turn out to be a steal for the team and gives them a cheap contract to build around. Considering this might be a 5 year rebuild, I’m not sure the results will really matter either way.

You hate to see it

When your dad takes you to hit....and it results in an insurance claim #lordhavemercy

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Really wish he wasn’t in our division

It’s extremely difficult to hate Terry Francona, and I think we all knew it was bad news when he ended up in the AL Central. And then the Indians developed into a power house. I still have no love for Cleveland, but it’s impossible to deny Tito’s ability as a manager.

The pants.


Everyone knows the country is divided. It’s not pretty out there right now. Which is why pieces like this by Carlos Carrasco, are important to read.

But it’s more than just standing out on the mound. Or starting my first major league season as an American. It’s looking up into the stands at my wife and kids. It’s looking over at my teammates. It’s looking around at our fans in Cleveland. And knowing that I’m home.

This is the greatest country in the world, and we should be proud that people like Carrasco are so excited to declare it their home.

For your free time

Greg Bird’s hairless cat is a grandson of Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers. Could really use the regular season right now. Can someone tell me why this 1000 word article on Brady Anderson is a thing? The start of Jonah Keri’s trade value rankings, which are terrific. MLB players from the Dominican Republic are trying to educate players on the dangers of reckless driving. Please watch David Ross dancing.

Baseball is awesome