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Detroit Tiger Links: Jose Iglesias is probably not for sale

Hopefully not?

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins - Game One Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I’m not sure I believe you

According to George King of the New York Post, the Tigers offered Jose Iglesias to the Yankees, who are suddenly without Didi Gregorious for six weeks. The Cincinnati Reds also offered Zack Cozart to New York. Both were rebuffed.

First of all, I’m not sure I believe this report. The Tigers have to be aware that the Yankees weren’t going to do anything drastic with Gregorious due back before June. The return would have been minimal at best. However, if this is valid, it illustrates the Tigers’ belief that Dixon Machado can be an everyday player. Look for him to make the 25-man roster out of spring training.

Daniel Norris Update

He had a perfectly fine start on Wednesday. He gave up two runs on four hits over five innings with five strikeouts. Norris somehow didn’t crack under the tremendous pressure of a spring training start to limit the damage around two leadoff singles. I will gladly accept these outcomes in the future.

White Sox DH update

Waiting on the results

The Tigers get J.D. Martinez’s test results back on Friday, so you may already know more than what is currently written below. Manager Brad Ausmus stated the injury doesn’t look bleak, and Martinez is feeling optimistic. But I have to say, this doesn’t sound promising.

Martinez said he removed his walking boot one night at his apartment. “I can almost walk normal. I’m encouraged by the way I can walk and the way I can put weight on it. That’s what I’m feeling good about.

If he is just starting to put weight on it, I wouldn’t hold your breath for him playing on Opening Day. Martinez is critical to the teams success, so the Tigers definitely won’t rush him back, right?

Just a big softy

Baseball blogging pro-tip: always post Jim Leyland content. Always.

Speaking of which...

The World Baseball Classic was awesome

And not just because we won, although it helped. I will certainly take entertaining baseball in March. The intensity and emotion is infectious. The United States may not take it seriously, but everyone else lives for it.

For your free time

The story of the Tigers’ batting eye back when Tigers Stadium was Navin Field. If Tebow strikes out three times, Greenville gets free Whoppers. Spoiler: that is definitely going to happen. Obligatory Shohei Ohtani bomb. The Braves are still interested in Jose Quintana, and the White Sox are still interested in trading him.

Baseball is awesome