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Spring training 2017: Braves announcers confuse Tigers’ JaCoby Jones with football player

Specifically, a football player named Jacoby Jones.

If you didn’t watch the entire broadcast from Monday’s Tigers-Braves Grapefruit League game, we can’t blame you. The Tigers got walloped, and Daniel Norris had one of the worst starts of his young career.

If you did stick it out, though, you heard Braves play-by-play announcer Chip Caray make a whale of a mistake on air, confusing Tigers outfielder JaCoby Jones with a football player... named Jacoby Jones.

In Caray’s defense, JaCoby isn’t exactly the most common name. Plus, the football player is the better-known Jacoby of the two after his record-breaking kickoff return in Super Bowl XLVI.

However, a more in-depth Google search might be in store next time.

Just remember, it’s spring training for the announcers too.

(h/t @TigersJUK)