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Detroit Tigers Links: Are the Tigers finally ready for outfield help?

The J.D. Martinez injury may have changed things.

Wild Card Game - San Francisco Giants v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Angel in the outfield?

The Detroit Tigers already have plenty of questions about center field. Why did they trade Cameron Maybin? Why does JaCoby Jones capitalize the C in the middle of his first name? Who the hell is Mike Mahtook and why does he keep showing up to practice? Now they have another question mark: four weeks without J.D. Martinez.

Despite Brad Ausmus saying otherwise, this has led the team to look for additional options in the outfield. On Tuesday, ESPN’s Jim Bowden indicated that the team has expressed interest in 35-year-old journeyman Angel Pagan.

I’m a bit shocked that five different teams have inquired on Pagan, but if the Tigers can sign him for cheap, I see no reason not to. He would be an upgrade over the majority of the players at both positions.

This video is 15 minutes long, but I am only posting it for A-Rod’s sick burn at the beginning.

Place your bets!

I’m not much of a table player, but get some sports lines in front of me and look out! A quick look at some relevant Tigers lines:

That’s about right. Cleveland should be a huge favorite and the Tigers should be in the playoff picture. I really have no idea what to make of the other teams in the division but the White Sox are actively trying to be terrible so I might go lower there.

From Bovada, Verlander thoughts:

I would probably would look for the over on wins and under on ERA but I’m a massive homer. World Series thoughts:

I’ll put my customary $50 on the Tigers and hope for big things.

Good Advertising

Hope your birthday is sneaky good, @mark_melancon_! #SFGiants

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Verlander on Verlander

The Detroit News’ Chris McCosky caught up with Justin Verlander to get his thoughts on his career so far, Cooperstown, and the 2017 Tigers. Verlander is always a good interview, providing honest and enlightening answers across the board, but I was most caught by this quote:

“This was the offseason we were all supposed to be broke up and I wasn’t going to know anybody. Now, it’s probably the most familiar faces since I’ve been here. Thankfully.”

Looking back, one forgets how much of a roller coaster this offseason was for Verlander. He was constantly in trade talks as it appeared the organization would be in full rebuild mode. But as the dust settled, almost the entirety of the team remains the same.

You can tell that he knows he is running out of chances to compete for a title. This teams’ motivation will be at an all-time high.

Season preview extravaganza!

SB Nation’s MLB season preview is out, and you should read it! It’s remarkably manageable and full of excellent information. Also would suggest Grant’s feature on why baseball games are so long and Marc on international baseball’s future.

For your free time

Japan still tops in the World Baseball Rankings, which I just found out existed. There will be Under Armour marks on the front of jerseys in 2020, which I do not care about at all. I bet a bunch of people are going to be real angry, though. The Rays have the best defensive outfield. Thanks, Kevin Kiermaier. The strike zone is shrinking. I give it one more week.

Baseball is awesome