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The Tigers' new Coney pizza isn't as awful as it looks

But if you don't like that, there's plenty of Middle Eastern food, too.

DETROIT — Don’t knock it until you try it. And for the Tigers’ new Coney Dog Deep Deep Dish pizza, you really do have to try it to realize it’s pretty good.

The Tigers held their media food event previewing several new dishes that would be available to fans for the 2017 season, as well as giveaway and promotional items. The trinkets weren’t of interest, though. It was the food (because, well, obviously).

The elephant in the room: that dang pizza, which Little Caesars is trying out only at Comerica Park. If it does well, they may expand it to their regular options. What’s in it? Under the cheese is Coney dog chili. Then cheese, minced onions, sliced hot dog, and yes, yellow mustard.

Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation

From there, the selections are significantly tamer. And while there was (sadly) no desserts to sample, there are some new goodies on the horizon. Among them: a deep fried Snickers, strawberry sliders (topped with whipped cream and drizzle), and strawberry shortcakes. The latter two of which will have to wait until strawberry season kicks off.

Biggest thing to note outside of the pizza was that the Tigers’ new ballpark foods have a heavy Middle Eastern influence this year. Which is fine, because let’s be honest, Middle Eastern food is amazing.

Shawarma options

Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation
Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation

It’s shawarma. Of course it’s good. Also, for the nachos: instead of using regular chips, pita chips were used and it was a nice change.

Hummus platter

Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation

This could get messy if not packaged right, but I’m not paid to think about that. There was also a Greek salad option, so you’re beginning to see the theme of this year’s selection. I digress.

Hawaiian hot dog

Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation

Still on the fence on this one. My taste buds couldn’t figure out if the combination of flavors was something they were willing to accept. Either that or it was the Coney dog pizza kicking into my stomach.

The Cuban sandwich

Catherine Slonksnis, SB Nation

OK this one is by far my favorite. The meat was delicious and tender, and it was light enough that I could stuff my face with beer and desserts before the sixth inning if I wanted to.

So, that’s it for the food. Not as many options as last year, but by the time the internet gets over that pizza, it won’t matter.