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Introduce yourself to the Bless You Boys community!

Let’s get to know each other a bit before the season begins.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We’re just a few days away from Opening Day and another season of Detroit Tigers baseball! This will be Bless You Boys’ 12th full season covering the Tigers, and my third as managing editor. I speak for our entire staff when I say that we pride ourselves on respectful, intelligent commentary about the Tigers — both on the front page and in the comments. Whether you are new to the site or an old friend, welcome back! We ask that you newbies review our rules before jumping into the comment section, and the veterans to continue making BYB a place where everyone feels comfortable discussing the Tigers.

If you’re a longtime lurker, introduce yourself to new members! If you haven’t waded into the comments before, now is the time to jump in! Those of you who have never visited before can join the site at the bottom of this page. Either way, introduce yourself to the group here, and enjoy the season! Go Tigers!

Opening Day 2017 Preview!

Posted by Bless You Boys: For Detroit Tigers Fans on Wednesday, March 29, 2017