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Detroit Tigers Links: Don’t panic over the spring training stats

It’s way too early, everyone.

MLB: Spring Training-Philadelphia Phillies at Detroit Tigers Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Remember, these games don’t mean anything

Look, I get it. The Tigers are 3-10 and have the worst run differential in the league. They’ve pitched terribly across the board and desperately need today’s off day.

But for the love of all things holy, chill out. None of this means anything and we are still a month away from the season. It’s not time to panic.

Get out the bubble wrap

Spring training is basically an exercise in not getting anyone injured, so it’s always terrifying when someone goes down. Jose Iglesias provided a scare, but it looks like he’s OK.

Tyler Collins is still out with his lat injury and Michael Fulmer will miss his next start, but otherwise the Tigers have been relatively healthy.

Miggy’s RBI gift

I’m not sure I would call driving people in as a dying art, but I understand the point of the article. Miggy rakes with runners in scoring position. I mean, he rakes all the time, but he especially rakes in those circumstances. His explanation is perfect in its simplicity:

You should read that entire article for maximum satisfaction.

Looking good, America

Mazel Tov!

There have barely been any games in the World Baseball Classic, but we already have the feel good story of the tournament. A hodgepodge group of mostly American players representing Israel have, essentially, already advanced, and are the talk of the baseball world. With American players often hesitant and a number of key injuries, the tournament often lends itself to surprising runs. You should root for them, mostly because of this:

For your free time

Please look at this giant pitcher for the Netherlands. The Tigers’ schedule is among the league’s easiest. Should more teams be converting relievers into starting pitchers? Who is the real Eduardo Rodriguez? Jason Hammel is diet Greg Maddux. I’d say diet, caffeine-free Greg Maddux.

Baseball is awesome