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Tigers unveil their special event jerseys

Margaritaville in Lakeland should have prepared them for the All-Star jerseys

Courtesy of MLB

Today the MLB showed off the special event looks for the coming season. In addition to standard alternate jerseys, throwback jerseys like the Detroit Stars uniform worn for the Negro League Weekend, and the Fiesta Tigres Spanish jersey, there are five other special event jerseys the Tigers will sport this season.

All MLB teams have specially designed gear for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day (and Canada Day for the Blue Jays), and the All-Star Game in Miami.

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As usual the gear for Mother’s Day is the traditional pink. Players will also usually use pink bats and the teams help raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. Likewise the Father’s Day events feature blue uniforms and help raise funds for prostate cancer research. There are no real surprises with the Memorial camo and Independence Day stars and stripes.

The Miami-themed All-Star look is especially striking, as all the gear takes a very floral, beachy vibe to celebrate the Marlins’ home town.

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It’s certainly a distinctive look to set the game apart from the vintage-inspired theme used by San Diego last year.

Thanks to SportsLogos for the detailed look at all the new uniforms.