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Andrew Romine hit a clutch grand slam, broke MLB Gameday

The Tigers’ utility man made the biggest play of the game (and possibly his whole career).

Andrew Romine is having a grand season so far. A few fans gave a side-eyed look to today’s lineup when Romine was given the start in centerfield over rookie JaCoby Jones. Now those questioning glances have turned to cheers, as Romine has hit his first career grand slam.

After a shaky start from Michael Fulmer and several efficient innings from Kyle Gibson, it looked as if the Twins might have the best of the Tigers. In the bottom of the fourth, everything flipped, and it was all capped off by the triumphant home run from Romine that tipped the score in the Tigers’ direction.

Naturally, fans online lost their minds.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate Romine’s bat flip. Well deserved.

Even MLB itself didn’t know how to act.