Kill the "save" and save the "goose egg"

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The statistical website has a very interesting article about how the save statistic is ruining baseball. They propose a new stat, the "goose egg" named after Goose Gossage that would replace the save.

A goose egg would be earned by the following methods (see below). I personally like it a lot, what do you all think?

A relief pitcher records a goose egg for each inning in which:

  1. It’s the seventh inning or later;
  2. At the time the pitcher faces his first batter of the inning:
    1. His team leads by no more than two runs, or
    2. The score is tied, or
    3. The tying run is on base or at bat
  3. No runs (earned or unearned) are charged to the pitcher in the inning and no inherited runners score while the pitcher is in the game; and
  4. The pitcher either:
    1. Records three outs (one inning pitched), or
    2. Records at least one out, and the number of outs recorded plus the number of inherited runners totals at least three.

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