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Detroit Tiger Links: The dumbest series ever


MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was stupid

Thursday was dumb, Wednesday night was especially dumb, and that series as a whole was stupid. Also dumb, but in a good way, is the fact that the Tigers are somehow tied for the division lead with the third worst run differential in the entire league.

We are a tenth of the way through the season and I still have no idea what to make of this team. It is easy to be overly negative about spotty starting pitching, underwhelming offense and the bullpen. But again, the team is still in first place!

So, I’d say save the negativity until things truly get bad. Besides, its JV day.

Injury update

Justin Upton sat yesterday and is considered day to day after his negative X-Rays. All in all the team should feel lucky considering how bad the injury initially looked.

Jose Iglesias was put on the 7 day concussion DL as he continues to undergo tests. The only silver lining here is JIMENEZ BACK!

And lastly, J.D. Martinez is dealing with a new issue, trying to stay sane while sidelined from his Lisfranc injury. I can sympathize, watching Tyler Collins’ last three games was great for my health either.

I would agree

Side note, I much appreciate this 2017 version of Brad Ausmus. The one that knows he’s getting fired if his team doesn’t produce. The sugar coating has left and does not appear to be coming back.

A metaphor for the previous tweet

Minus the whole, coming up with the ball, thing.

A debate as old as time

CB Buckner, who is having the worst week for an umpire since Jim Joyce, has once again sparked the “how do we make umpires better at their job” debate. This is unfortunate.

There are no good answers here other than umpiring is hard and CB Buckner isn’t great at it. MLB is moving to mic up umps as soon as All-Star Break but that doesn’t fix the issue of getting the call right. It just helps them enunciate the miss. Anyway, this debate will rage on until Skynet inevitably takes over and then all the players and umpires will be robots so it won’t even matter.

Yesterday’s good news

Trevor Bauer balked in a run with the bases loaded in the most obvious balk of all balks.

For your free time

Yesterday was 4/20 and Grant Brisbee created a baseball team in its honor. The inclusion of Tim Lincecum on that team was laugh out loud funny. Ichiro hits a home run in what will most likely be his last at bat at Safeco field. Chills. Anthony Rizzo is a cool dude.

Baseball is awesome