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FanPost Friday: Which Tigers player do you irrationally love?

We all have that one player we’d defend no matter what. Who is yours?

Division Series - Baltimore Orioles v Detroit Tigers - Game Three Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

This week’s FanPost prompt is this: What current or former Tigers player do you love irrationally, regardless of their success or lack thereof, and why?

There aren’t really any rules for this one. The player can be on the team, active on another team, retired, or anything else, as long as he played for the Tigers at some point in his career. He could even be a player you never saw play! It’s completely up to you.

We’re closing the comments on this post so you have to start your own. Click here to start a new FanPost.

We’ll promote the best ones throughout the week and may do a recap of the responses depending on participation. You can see previous prompts here.

It will be great to see what you all come up with!