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Rainy day open thread

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers and White Sox game that was scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed due to weather. The forecast must have been pretty convincing, as the decision was announced nearly five hours before the scheduled start time. The game will be made up on May 26th as part of a straight (!) doubleheader.

The rainout has also thrown a wrench into the Tigers' starting rotation, and they responded by bumping Jordan Zimmermann's first start to Saturday against the Red Sox. Matt Boyd will start on Thursday and Michael Fulmer will pitch the home opener on Friday, as originally scheduled.

Normally this would be our GameThread, but Instead of Tigers baseball, feel free to follow along with the Royals-Twins matchup this afternoon. There are also a host of games later tonight, as well as a number of topics to be discussed. Such as:

  • Pros and cons of the revamped rotation
  • Who's the Tigers second-best starting pitcher?
  • Center field, amirite?
  • What's your first baseball memory?
  • Where's the best place to sit in Comerica Park?
  • What's your favorite baseball movie?
  • Remember The Usual Suspects? I should watch that again.
  • Kevin Spacey is so good
  • Oh I forgot there are new House of Cards episodes. Welp, I won't get to those until November.
  • Have you ever tried to build an actual house of cards, like without glue or tape? I think it's impossible.
  • In college I built the biggest beeramid ever
  • Is it still raining?