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Tigers adjust Opening Week pitching rotation

Justin Verlander will no longer start on Sunday

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

A damp opening week has resulted in two postponed games in Chicago and a brand new pitching lineup for the remaining games against the Chicago White Sox and against the Boston Red Sox this weekend.

Adjusted Opening Week Rotation

Day Original Adjusted
Day Original Adjusted
Thursday Zimmermann Boyd
Friday Fulmer Fulmer
Saturday Norris Zimmermann
Sunday Verlander Norris

No reason has been given for the movement of Matt Boyd in the rotation, as he was not initially listed as a first week starter. However, the movement is likely the due to the amount of rest he has received. His last start in spring training was March 30 in Baltimore and the team wouldn’t want to leave him on the bench much longer.

The placement of Jordan Zimmermann on Saturday rather than Thursday makes sense as the weather forecast looks promising for that day and it will give him a better chance to start.

The Tigers will make up for the postponed April 5 game on May 26 in a doubleheader with the White Sox.