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Detroit Tigers Links: Winning is good. The Tigers should do more of that.

Jordan Zimmermann may be getting un-broken, and Miguel Cabrera is coming back.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Good Monday morning, Detroit Tigers fans. It is officially May and I am optimistic. The Tigers took one from the White Sox on Sunday in a fashion that we fans are a little unfamiliar with. They scored a bunch of runs. The Sox did not. The bullpen didn’t give up any runs in four innings of work, and Jordan Zimmermann had what is possibly his most promising start of the season.

If you stop to consider the folks soon to come off the disabled list — remember that Miguel Cabrera guy? — and things aren’t so bad for the home team.

The Jo-Yo

The Jo-Yo. That’s what I’m calling this season’s Joe Jimenez experience. He has been up and down a few times this season, and has seen a few bumps in the road while wearing a Tigers uniform. On his rapid ascension to Detroit, Jimenez dealt with little adversity. Having received a decent dose of it this season, Evan Woodbery of MLive wondered how Jimenez would respond.

Well, we know how the Tigers have responded.

On Sunday night, the team optioned Joe to Toledo for lefthander Chad Bell. Bell has pitched rather well in Toledo, and speculation is that this move is to give the team a potential long man to eat up innings if rain delays affect the ability of a starter to go deep in a game in the upcoming series. The Indians have also struggled against lefthanders this season.

Zimmermann looked better

In a game where the weather was dismal and umbrellas were in trouble, Jordan Zimmermann put together one of his more promising starts of the season by striking out five hitters in as many innings.

One of the keys to Zimmermann’s possible turnaround could be the result of watching some film and making mechanical adjustments. Let’s see how things look after a few more starts, but if today was an indicator, he may be moving in the right directions.

Did someone say rebuild?

MLB Trade Rumors looked back at a Tigers offseason that could have used a little less conversation and a little more action. Ultimately, they, as well as the rest of us, were a little perplexed that the Tigers, faced with the decision to blow it up or add players for a run, ultimately chose to do nothing. They may not have decided to either buy or sell, but remember, even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

On the mend

The Tigers are close to getting some much needed talent back in the lineup. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the hot bats of Jim Adduci and John Hicks tune up opposing pitching. Not to mention, the dominance of our new found lord of the lumber, wreaker of havoc, deliverer of pain, first of his name, Alex Avila.

That said, Miguel Cabrera is probably coming back on Tuesday. JaCoby Jones has started a rehab assignment and should be running down anything hit in his general direction very soon, and J.D. Martinez is taking at-bats in extended spring training. There is reason to be cautious with him, though.

Still, at-bats are promising and the soreness isn’t something that should be looked at as a serious setback.

For your spare time

If you’re not reading the inner monologue of Tim Dillard, you should be. Things aren’t going so well for the Mets as Noah Syndergaard left his start with an injury. Gift Ngoepe is the first African to play in Major League Baseball.

Baseball is awesome

Anthony Rendon had himself a game.