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Off day open thread

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Oakland Athletics Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

While the Tigers jet home from the west coast (finally, no more late-night games!), it means we’re left with an unfortunate off day to fill. With that in mind, rather than our usual Game Thread, we thought we would get things rolling with an open thread.

The Tigers have a big week ahead of them, facing off against the Baltimore Orioles and the Texas Rangers, two teams who used the mighty power of Nelson Cruz home runs to decimate the Tigers’ postseason dreams in previous years.

With Detroit currently sitting at exactly .500 in the standings, with an 18-18 record, they could certainly use some wins if they want to unseat the Minnesota Twins (no, that’s not a typo) from first place.

To get the ball rolling on this open thread we wanted to ask:

  • If you are attending a sporting event in a major city, is it okay to wear gear from another team in that same city? (ie: wearing a Lions jersey to a Tigers game, or a Blackhawks hat to a Cubs game)
  • What about wearing your teams’ gear to an event they aren’t playing at (ie: wearing a Tigers cap to a Reds game, if the Tigers aren’t playing)
  • What are your mix-and-match rules when it comes to wearing sports gear?

Bonus question:

  • which Nelson Cruz postseason performance was harder to watch: Rangers in 2011 or Orioles in 2014?